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 Our F-111 in P3D V1.0-1.4

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Our F-111 in P3D V1.0-1.4 Empty
PostSubject: Our F-111 in P3D V1.0-1.4   Our F-111 in P3D V1.0-1.4 EmptySun Dec 01, 2013 7:58 pm

This is for P3D v1 versions, does not apply to V2 as it needs testing but I am not holding my breath.

The good
-The installer works just fine
-External textures look really good, much better than FSX
-2D panels work just fine as with all AP logic

The bad and really bad
-Bad textures on windscreen and hud, just transparency issues and all is probably needed is a change to compressed .bmps (DX3) with alpha.
-VC lighting, the internal lighting does not affect the "flat" panel parts or interior, just the gauge white background paint, hence no flood type lighting.
-The really bad,,,, No click spots work whatsoever in the VC, 2D popups work though.

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Our F-111 in P3D V1.0-1.4
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