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 GKS FSX F-111E Review

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Steve Hess
Steve Hess

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GKS FSX F-111E Review Empty
PostSubject: GKS FSX F-111E Review   GKS FSX F-111E Review EmptyWed May 22, 2013 4:02 pm

The FSX F-111 (Golden Keys Studio) is overall a nice aircraft. The feel and look of the aircraft is very good. From a Left seat point of view they did a nice job of how the aircraft operates. The right seat side of the aircraft is non functional and I feel that it really hurts what is otherwise a very nice add-on.

What's Good

Very nice looking model

Systems operate like they should

Wing flex is a nice touch

Fly’s very nice

Nice selection for the weapons load out

What's Bad

Add on textures at additional cost not worth the money

I don't like the engine effect

Cockpit night lighting hard to see

Some warning lights are too bright when off

Bottom line

This is in my opinion the best of the three Payware F-111s. It fly’s great, looks good, and operates like a real F-111.
Some of the textures in the expanded pack are not very accurate and no working eye candy for the right seat hurts this aircraft a little bit.
If you are going to purchase a F-111 add on, this is the one I would go for.

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GKS FSX F-111E Review
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