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 Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit

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Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit Empty
PostSubject: Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit   Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 7:36 pm

Dear Steve,
This could sound rather petty to you: but I know that prior to 1991 at Amberley RAAF Base all the F111's did not have the avionics update completed. Most of them had the old analog Attack Radar Display replaced with the digital display but still retained the old analog NCU. I know that you have tried to authenticate what happened in 6 Sqn and 1 Sqn by including the 'g' model, but try as I might I cannot replace the F111G's virtual c/p with the one I am most familiar with, namely the ones you have included in the F111E and TFX models. Somehow when I try to insert them into the 'g' model the centre instrument console is misaligned! Only a minor problem as I have managed to move the 6Sqn 60 years logo to the 'g' model with long range tanks. It does annoy me though that I can't have the old vc included as it seems silly to be flying a USAF F111 around Australia; and those green unresponsive lower screens can become quite annoying. Is it to do with the different dimensions of the F111G and F111E cockpits? I feel sure that there is a solution and you will have the right answer. Thanking you once again for a brilliant aircraft, I will remain

Yours Faithfully,

Grant D Carroll
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Steve Hess
Steve Hess

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Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit Empty
PostSubject: Re: Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit   Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 9:20 pm

First let me say the non functioning green screens (MFDs) will soon be working.
As for your VC problem there is a simple fix.
If you changed the config file to use the PANEL.Pre avionics panel in the F-111E, simply copy the 111ckpit3_t.bmp file from the texture.E folder to the texture.bone folder. That will solve your VC problem
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Realistic 6 Sqn F111c virtual cockpit
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