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 Getting the TFR to work

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PostSubject: Getting the TFR to work   Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:12 am

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the TFR to work. I have managed to get the TFR to turn on I think but the master caution comes up and a button illuminates telling me to send the information to somewhere. I press it and the TFR illuminates on the main panel and then extinguishes and once again the red button tells me I need to send the information again.. I have FSCUIP installed if that helps.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting the TFR to work   Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:47 am


If the master caution is on check below for warning lamps and see if "TRF Failed" is on. If so the only way to rectify this is a complete restart of FSX. It is due to simconnect loosing communication w/ FSX. Most problems with the inability to set the reference is due to a joystick / yoke not centered in the axis you need to engage the AP in, (Roll/Pitch) or the lack of a wide enough null zone where noise gets sent into the AP and it thinks you are requesting "control steering".

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Getting the TFR to work
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